Freedom of movement - Dissemination event Lithuania

Sports event Freedom of movement” intended for “European everyday of sport” project and commemorate February 16th



Physical education‘s and sports center members Jonas Bautronis, Vilija Gerasimovičienė, Stanislovas Radziulis and project manager Mikas Balkevičius participating in “Erasmus+” sports program “European everyday of sport” (572647-EPP-1-2016-1-BG-SPO-SCP-EUROPEAN EVERYDAY SPORT) project which is co-ordinated by Bulgarian sports development association ( are reaching for good experience scatter strengthening youth physical activity and health. Youth‘s physical and psychological health is one of the most important priority for The European Unions support strategy.

This project is increasing at high-expectations speed and provides useful experience in innovative ways and methods in sports activities. Partners from these countries: Italy (Mine Vaganti), Slovakia (ADEL Executive), Croatia (Rijeka Sport’s Association), Hungary (Hope for children), Poland (Institute of New Technologies Association) and Lithuania (“University of Applied Sciences VIKO”) presents organized sports events, healthy lifestyle initiatives working with youth (

Celebrating Lithuania‘s Independence day (February 16th, 1918), fostering the society and motivating physical activity development through the cooperation between the students, teachers, trainers and community members uniting the forces and involving University of Applied Sciences VIKO students into European wellness and sports activities the sports event “Freedom of movement” was organized on February 14. Event’s opening speech was told by Business Management Faculty Dean Danutė Rasimavičienė. She enjoyed that youth is being encouraged to do sports freely in the environment of University of Applied Sciences VIKO.

The implementation of “Freedom of movement” sports event invoked the team of 6 trainers: Jonas Bautronis, Danutė Puodžiūnienė, Vilija Gerasimovičienė, Stanislovas Radziulis, Zenonas Vaitkevičius, Eduardas Vaitilavičius who selected and worked in two sports halls in which were held different activities and sport matches. In the Faculty’s of Health Care sports hall was presented wellness workout method when at one time a group of youth are doing sports very targeted. As well, a volleyball match was organized between students of University of Applied Sciences VIKO and The branch of the University of Bialystok in Vilnius. In the Business Management Faculty were held basketball and indoor football matches. The participants were students from 3 gymnasiums and 1 university: Vilnius Salomėja Nėris gymnasium, Senvagė gymnasium, Žemyna gymnasium and University of Applied Sciences VIKO.

Event lasted 4 hours and there were about 100 participants from different educational institutions. The event was full of positive emotions, all the games and matches were held in accordance with the Olympic values, respect for the opponent. Youth‘s physical and psychological education was hailed as a healthy lifestyle‘s philosophy. The objectives met expectations, co-operations between general education schools helped to ensure further activities and strong relations with the social partners.

All participants were awarded with a specially designed event remembrances with University of Applied Sciences VIKO logo.

Public dissemination of the event “Freedom of movement” was published in the President’s of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė initiative “Celebrate the February 16th in a funny and creative way” website (

In the beginning of February a social research was prepared which will help to set essential Lithuania‘s school age children healthy and active life skills forming factors, to start doing sports stimulating motives, in which sports are they interested and so on ( ). The data obtained will help creating new sport events for youth and will help organizing a healthy lifestyle improving sport events for them with a help of University of Applied Sciences VIKO.


Physical education and sports center trainer and lecturer Vilija Gerasimovičienė